Bacon, Egg and Cheese Muffins

I’ve mentioned before that we’re ditching boxed breakfast cereal…so there have been lots of experiments with new breakfast foods.  One such experiment was this recipe from Cheeseslave.

If you’re trying to eliminate gluten (really, all grains) from your diet then coconut flour can be a good substitute.  Now, I have to tell you that I HATE coconut.  Can’t stand it. Won’t eat it….ever.

But….I didn’t mind the subtle coconut-y flavor in these muffins.  Maybe the saltiness of the bacon over-powered it? Or maybe it really is true that bacon makes everything better?

In any case, these are good and my kids really liked them.  Except for a certain someone that is still quite upset about her vanishing cereal.  I’m praying she begins to see the light….very soon.

A few notes about the recipe:  it only makes six small-ish muffins.  My kids easily ate two muffins, so you’ll definitely want to at least double the recipe.  I agree with Cheeseslave that adding an extra egg (per batch) is a good idea, however, I used less bacon with each additional batch.

Oh, and re-heating them in the microwave is icky.  Don’t do it.  Totally ruined the texture.  Next time I’ll reheat them in the oven.  Definitely worth the extra time.

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